Please refer to this page for an extensive list of useful information that will certainly prove valuable during your stay with us. 

Shipping and delivery

Here at Time Cruze, we want to ensure that your purchase gets to you in mint condition. That is why each item you purchase will be shipped in our own packaging or the product’s original packaging/box (if applicable and/or purchased), wrapped with impact-absorbing bubble wrap to provide cushioning and finally, further protected by sturdy cardboard segments to secure the package. We ship on the same day if the order is made before 1800 hrs(PST), Mondays to Fridays.


We provide a highly discounted flat rate on our priority shipping provided by DHL. We highly recommend choosing this method as tracking is provided every step of the way and the item will typically reach its destination within 2-4 days once shipped (depending on your country’s available carriers and services provided). Insurance against loss or damage is included with this shipping option. A DHL tracking number will be sent to you within 24 hours of the item being shipped, which can then be used to track the delivery status on DHL’s website.


Free worldwide shipping is provided by default via registered mail. Packages sent through this delivery method will be distributed by the receiving country’s postal service once they reach your country. Delivery time for this method can be anywhere from 8-14 days. Once shipped, you should receive a tracking number via email. Limited tracking might only be provided with this shipping method depending on your country’s postal services.

Returns and exchanges

We believe customer satisfaction should be one of our top priorities, so if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, please contact us using our contact form. Below are the following conditions that outline the terms for a successful return or exchange.


We check all orders and products before dispatch to ensure that they are in perfect working condition, but in extremely rare cases, they may get damaged during transit or by other circumstances. If you encounter such an issue, please contact us immediately at to arrange for a return/exchange. Please allow for up to 3 business days for us to get back to you.

Once the goods are returned and we have reviewed them for any damages/faults, you may arrange for a refund using the same method of payment used to make the order. We will issue a refund within 24 hours after the approval of the return request. 


We accept returns subject to these conditions (but not limited to) within 15 days from delivery of the item:

  • The watch is damaged during transit and does not work (broken mechanism, watch hands dropped, etc.)
  • Face or band of watch is scratched upon arrival
  • Watch is missing parts or has faulty parts (crown, hands, mechanism)


We accept returns subject to these conditions (but not limited to) within 15 days from delivery of the item:

  • Pen has faulty parts (crooked clips, missing jewels, faulty ink cartridge, etc.)
  • Pen’s casing is damaged or scratched
  • No ink comes out of nib


We accept returns subject to these conditions (but not limited to) within 7 days from delivery of the item:

  • Tears in leather fabric
  • Scratches appearing on leather or surrounding material of product upon arrival
  • Discolouration of leather material upon arrival


Should you wish to exchange your purchase with another product, the price difference will have to be topped up or refunded. You can only exchange one product for another (eg. a watch for another watch, a pen for another pen, a wallet for another wallet, etc.). 

If, by any chance, there are any conditions or exceptions that deem your case as an outlier, our team will do our best to follow through as quickly as possible.


We accept exchanges provided these conditions (not limited to) are cleared, and within 15 days from delivery of the item:

  • The watch is in its original condition with no damages (scratches, chips, missing parts, etc.)
  • The watch is unused and all included attachments left as is (labels, tags, plastic film on surface, manual booklets) and any purchased boxes or other accessories included with the purchase
  • There have been no alterations, resizing or any changes made to the strap


We accept exchanges provided these conditions (not limited to) are cleared, and within 15 days from delivery of the item:

  • Pens will always be sold in their original packaging, so neither the boxes nor the pens themselves should have any scratches, markings or damages
  • If cloths or bags are included in the product you purchased, these must also be in the package to be returned in the same condition they came in
  • Ink cartridges are not to be removed or replaced with another brand’s make

Leather goods

We accept exchanges provided these conditions (not limited to) are cleared, and within 7 days from delivery of the item:

  • No markings, scratches or damages are found on the returned items
  • Included bags must be returned along with product


Only our watches come with our 1-Year International Warranty. This cover a very specific set of conditions, so although each ticket is a case-by-case basis, most of your questions about claiming a warranty can be answered by carefully reviewing through the following conditions listed here.


All watches are covered by the warranty we offer. If your watch ceases to stop working properly or at all, please send us a ticket and we will assign a staff member to help with identifying the problem. Below is a list of common problems:

  • For digital and quartz watches, if the watch is not responding, there is a chance that the battery might have depleted
  • For automatic or self-winding watches, your watch might simply need to be wound
  • For solar-powered watches, make sure that your watch is left out in the sun for at least an once every day to maintain its charge

The warranty does not cover for any of the following:

  • Watches damaged by high amounts of pressure (unless the particular watch you purchased can withstand up to 20 ATM/bar/200m)
  • Daily wear and tear
  • Depletion of battery
  • Damages to watches due to negligence or stress testing 

To claim a warranty, simply contact us at as we have records of purchases made on our side. A picture of the physical warranty card included in your purchase is required to claim a warranty. In the case that a repair needs to arranged, we will give you the delivery instructions to send it to us upon which we will repair it for free and return the watch to you as soon as possible. You need only pay for shipping charges.

Other goods

We do not issue warranties for other goods as most of the other branded products we offer need dedicated repair services that we cannot provide. We can only offer refunds in the form of payment used to make the purchase, or in store credit. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Cancelling Your Order

Due to our strict policy of trying to ensure as many orders are shipped out before 1800hrs PST from Monday to Friday, please ensure that all orders are carefully placed as most orders placed on the day are shipped before it ends. If you wish to cancel an order made after the cutoff time, please contact us within 24 hours of making the order and we will endeavour to return your money immediately. If the order has already been shipped, however, we would need to wait for the parcel to arrive back at our warehouse before issuing a refund, and this might take longer than a few business days.


We offer a variety of payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Credit or Debit Card through PayPal (no account required)
  • Store Credit 
  • Cash on Delivery (availability depending on your country’s postal carriers and delivery services)


All of the products we carry are 100% authentic and brand new. We do not carry nor second-hand items to customers as we cannot guarantee the quality and make of the previously owned item without appraisal, which we do not offer. As such, please keep in mind that we strictly do not accept returns on items you have purchased from us and used or worn.

Terms and conditions

By using this site, you are to abide by our terms set during your visit. We highly recommend that you read through our terms and conditions thoroughly to be aware of what rights you are given, and how you should behave during specific situations you might encounter on the site. 


During your use of this site, we might ask for your email address or other information that might be deemed personal. This is purely to log down your address for billing or shipping purposes. Please refer to our privacy policy for the full list of information we might collect from you. We recommend reading through this to be aware of what type of information you are giving out.